Time to pack


Today’s task is packing the kitchen.  I’ve already emptied everything out of Beryl, washed it and been shopping.  Now the task is to make it fit back into the one kitchen cupboard which might be a challenge.   I do have a tendency to buy too much.

I’ve already managed to get my wifi booster working – which was pretty easy – this will draw wifi signal from campsites into the van and make it secure.  This should I hope make it a lot cheaper than using mobile data.  For when I do need to use mobile data I have a 3g mifi device but at €3 a day it will add up.   I bought all of these devices from www.motorhomewifi.com who have been very helpful – answering a few of my very blonde questions!  They’ve also supplied me with my new pay as you go european card – which I’ve fitted into my new IPhone that  I had to buy after dropping the old one down the loo.  Not my best move – but it is done now – and hopefully this will be the last time.

After this the only major thing I have left to do is pack up my clothes – and that is going to be decision time – what to take and what not to take.  I know the saying goes take half the clothes




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