About Thea


I’ve taken a year off work and I am heading off an adventure with Alfie, my dog,  in Beryl the camper van.  The plan is to explore parts of  Europe and Scandinavia and remember how to spend time just being and enjoying life rather than sitting in an office.

I’m hoping to spend lots of time outside, drinking delicious wine, eating great food and getting a bit fitter by going out on my bike with Alfie in tow.  Hopefully I will meet and make friends along the way.

I don’t have a detailed plan of where to go – just that the first destination is Bergen in Norway where I will meet some friends for a week.   Then a few months in France and Germany before heading towards Croatia through Austria and Slovenia.  I’ve no idea if that is what will actually happen but the ethos is that where ever I am, is where I am meant to be – that way I won’t ever be lost!

I also have a passion for all things purple (some might say obsession!) so I”m going to look to take pictures of anything purple I spot along the way – making it my mission to feature at least one purple shot a week if not more.



7 thoughts on “About Thea

  1. Hi there Thea. I am the web mahout for http://www.elephantwatchnepal.com and I was wondering if we could include your photos of elephants in Chitwan on our site; I am planning to build a gallery of photos from folks who have visited chitwan, and will give you the photo credit of course. Well, let me know, and thx for your concern over the treatment of eles in Nepal.

  2. Thea, I have loved reading each and every one of your posts…it reminds me of my time in South America. I remember thinking that the people I met had so much and yet in other ways so little – I think I sometimes we forget what we have and worry about what we don’t have. Cherish every last second of the time you have left there … keep us posted!! Lin

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